Oceans Of Change

by Random Hero

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released July 22, 2014

All songs written by Joshua Bertrand, Aaron Watkins and Random Hero.


all rights reserved



Random Hero Denver, Colorado

“To be light in the darkness…”

Random Hero has spent 10 years changing lives through the positive power of music. The band has worked incredibly hard to present meaningful music and a tight, energy charged live show. Along the way, a huge and loyal fan base has showered them with consistent accolades. Welcome to their BandCamp page! ... more

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Track Name: Not Alone
It's time, Time to go, Take back the life, The life you used to know, Don’t let it all,
Drag you down or drown you out.

It’s not the way, That it has to be. Trapped in the lies, That keep you screaming, It’s not the way that it has to be, You’re not a mistake, Just keep on breathing.

Don’t say the end has come, You’ve only just begun, There’s more here, Than giving up, Hold on till the morning comes, And let go, Just let it go, Fight back. Cause you’re not alone.

It’s time, Time to go, Give up, Giving in, You’re stronger that you know, Let it all go, The pain you feel won’t scar forever

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Burn Up The Night
I’ve been walking this fine lien, Waiting for everything to fall beneath me, I’ve been trying to find my, Grip on reality but something’s missing. I hear you calling, I can’t run fast enough, My feet get tangled up, In broken dreaming, I see you reaching, I can’t reach high enough, That’s when you wake me up, Only screaming.

No more, Wasted nights, Waiting to live, Only to break into oblivion, No more, Wasted time, Light the fire inside, This time, And burn up the night. (Oh’s)

I let this hurt inside of me, Black out the sun, And stop this heart from beating, I see you, Always reaching out for me, You are my remedy, Always screaming.

Light the fire inside, It’s time to live, And this is your time. Burn up the night, it’s time to live, and this is your time. burn

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Hurricane
I’ve always believed my sins would wash away, But my faith keeps on slipping, And I pray, I pray your grace would rescue me, When the waves come crashing. This ocean keeps pulling me under, I can feel you holding me here.

I’ve been, Waiting for my season to change, But the storm keeps pushing me away. I’ve been, Living in this season of pain, Staring down the eye of this hurricane.

I see, You’ll put me back piece by piece, And raise me up from the ashes, I believe, Oh God you will rescue me, When the waves come crashing.

I’ve been waiting for a sign, There is peace in your eyes.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Lost Cause
I know the truth, It’s not hard to deny, But somewhere, My heart got lost in the lies, My faith, Is dying to see like you see, I’m on a one-way ticket, To the dark side of me. Will you hear me, If I keep screaming.

Is there any sign of life left inside of me, Should I believe I’m just a dead man walking, Say a prayer, Shine your light, Down over me, Make me see, I’m not a lost cause anymore.

I seem to think, You love it every time that I bleed, I been reaching, You’re the cure that I need, It’s time to knock down, Drag it out, Cut myself free, I need a one-way ticket, From the dark side of me. ~ (Oh’s)

I’m not a lost cause.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Death Of Myself
I want know who you are, I want to believe, But I’m afraid to let you in , And what you might see, My heart is so cold, Drown to my soul, I tried to heal all alone, But I just can’t let it go.

Break me down, I need you now, I’ve become so numb, From this war with myself, I’m dying to live, Can you save me now, Falling down, down, down, Raise me up, From the death of myself.

I want to see you move, I want to believe, Chasing voices in my head, It all so haunting, My heart is so sick From the pain in my soul, I tried to kill it all alone, But I just can’t let it go.

Raise me up, I need to see, to believe. From the death of myself.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Faceless Enemy
Pray for me, I’ve been lost so long, it’s breaking everything, I believe, I’ve been shoved down here, where I don’t belong, Killing me, The lies you painted, broke and tainted, Every piece of truth inside my heart.

Now I see, I see who you are, And this time, This means war.

It’s time, Time to face this, time to stop running, With a life that’s wasted, It’s time, Time to erase this, blood on my hands, And give up everything, It’s time, Time to face this, time to stop running, From a life that’s wasted, It’s time, Time to kill this, strange phenomenon, Faceless enemy.

I let you, Tempt me down, with the things I hate, This consumed, Burning everything, Slowly stealing, All I love, Is broke ands tainted, With lies you, painted up, painted up, Deep inside my heart.

Faceless Enemy

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Breakaway
My life is out of control, Don’t know myself, Stuck in my head, With a reoccurring nightmare, Darkness invades my head, Where I can't see, Light up this nightmare, Screaming out this final prayer.

(Oh’s) ~ I’m so lost, Sick of living this way, Addicted to the chaos, Cause it numbs the pain, I’m so lost, I need a way to escape, So raise me up, Show me how to break away.

I’ve been running so long, To find a way out, I let this nightmare, Drag me down, down, There’s light inside of my head, That I can’t see, Light up this nightmare, Screaming out this final prayer.

I’ve been running so long.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Save Me Now
I don’t care, What this world wants to think, I’ve been consumed, In the mystery,
Of something I can’t see.

It’s like, I’m haunted by a ghost, Pulling at my heart strings, But I need to know, Before I give you all of me. (I need to know before I give you all of me)

How can you hold me still, When I’m falling down, Can you heal me now, When my wounds are trying to kill, I need to hear you, Speak to me now, I’ve been screaming so long, Only God can save me now.

Now hold on, I’ve got some things to clear up, How could you love me for the man, That I have become. ~ It’s like, I’m haunted by a ghost, Pulling at my heart strings, But I need to know,
Before I give you all of me. (I need to know before I give you all of me)

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Here With Me
This is where my weakness lies, Trying just to make it by, So far lost and tangled in my fear, I’ve walked the road of the unknown, Trusting in myself alone, Dead ends seem to be all I find here.

You called me out, To live this life, Fearlessly right by your side, My faith is weak, I need a sign you’re here.

Like shelter, From what I can’t see, Peace when life gets a little bit crazy, All I need to know is you’re here with me, Grace when I can’t clearly see, Lead me to your victory, All I need to know, Is you’re here with me. That you are here with me.

I’ve tried to do this life alone, Falling, Losing my way home, This is where your mercy draws me near. ~
When your grace falls down, It brings me to my knees, And I can see, I clearly see.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Unbelievable
Captivated in your presence, Consumed by your grace, How could I ever know, The depth of how beautiful you really are.

Everybody’s watching you, Waiting on your every move, Searching for the light that you are, Captivating oh you are,

Burning like a shining star, You’re the light we’re all searching for, You’re so unbelievable. ~ Your majesty surrounds me, Your glory calls my name, How could I ever know, The depth of how beautiful you really are.

So unbelievable, So unbelievable, Captivating oh you are, Oh you are so beautiful.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Miracle
I’m just a mess, I just can’t seem to find my way at all, I’ve been crawling in the dark,
Hiding from my soul, Is there a way to run away, From this animal, Oh this is critical, Someone save me from it all.

I must confess, I’ve been living like a criminal, Oh it’s so pitiful, The way I lie, And cheat it all, Am I a wreck, Or am I unforgivable, Need something physical, Praying for a miracle.

I’ve been holding on to everything, That’s killing my soul, In you, I found a reason, To let it all go. ~ I’ve been diseased, By this enemy chasing me, I beg and plead, I’m a victim of my own disease, If God can see through the Dirtiness inside of me, Then he can see, Through the sickness around me.

© RHMusic 2014
Track Name: Beginning Of Me
You love to hate me, Complicate me, I tried escaping, But you pulled me underneath, It’s all a game, I can’t live this way, Got me all messed up, And I’m slowly dying. You were my everything, The one killing me, I’ve only got one shot, I promise it’ll be...~

You, At the end of my road, A dead end now, And it’s time to let go, I need to believe, I don’t need you to breath, This is the death of you, And the beginning of me.

You love to break me, Captivate me, I tried running, But you chased me down, Am I diseased, Is there any relief, At the end of my rope, Dying to breath.

© RHMusic 2014

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